We Convert the Visitors to your Customers

We offer a Recommendation Engine that recommends the right products at the right time to your customers. It predicts and recommends items, which your customers would be interested in.

Recommendation is an important branch of machine learning. It becomes indispensable in any application in modern e-commerce ecosystem.

We track customer behaviour and analyze the collected data on different dimensions such as customer’s geography, historical purchases, buying frequency, devices & social sharing. Using this comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the customer, our algorithms based on the latest machine learning principles comes up with a Recommendation.

Our Recommendation Engine can output Similar Product or Cross Product or both types of recommendations.


Our Recommendation Engine provides the best performance algorithms that can be easily integrated into your store to recommend your customers products that are relevant to their needs.

Our algorithms are context-aware and personalized for each customer, therefore, it can bring the best-fitted products to your customers.

Additionally, you can also parameterize the algorithms to bias the recommendation engine towards the new products, promotion products, or specific categories.


The recommendation engine is integrated as a plugin into any e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce or PrestaShop, selling a range of products like books, films, music, houses, cars, articles, or other general products. Our applications are configurable or plug-and-play according to the architecture of the platform. Complex algorithms are well-packed to bring you great experience in machine learning without any additional resource.

Increase the rate of conversion upto 30% - 50%

  • The best performance algorithms that can be easily integrated into your system.
  • Many e-commerce platforms
  • Uniquely contextual and personalized for each customer
  • Fully customizable

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